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Celestia Antwerp's Integrated BaseBand system (IBB) is a key component in ground stations for satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C). The IBB ensures reliable and flexible communication between the Satellite Control Centre (SCC) and - via the station RF section - the satellite.  


Celestia Antwerp's OMNISAT is a modular solution for satellite earth observation and scientific data reception. It performs frequency conversion, data demodulation and data acquisition in a cost-efficient single unit. The system is capable of receiving several channels in parallel, fully independent of each other, and can handle high speed data streams.

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Celestia Antwerp's LSATx is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform that allows direct sampling
and direct synthesis from 70 MHz up to X-band. It is a digital front end for use
as part of low, medium and geostationary earth orbit (LEO/MEO/GEO) satellite
ground stations. Unlike legacy frequency converters, no analog conversion is
performed before sampling or after the digital-to-analog conversion.

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RF Converter

Celestia Antwerp's RF Converter products range from specific components over various hybrids to frequency conversion and frequency generation equipment, and this for commercial-, satcom-, institutional- as well as defense projects. 

Celestia Antwerp comes in the picture when commercial off the shelf equipment currently available is just not good enough and stringent requirements in terms of amplitude flatness, group delay variation or Alan variance are to be met.
Based on a generic frequency converter platform, Celestia Antwerp can assure fast production and test as well as high reliability.

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